Redefined Storytelling

The biggest and boldest disruptors of the visual medium is offering storytellers a creative freedom like never before.

The Other End is at the forefront of establishing a bespoke Virtual Production workflow for the local and international independent film and commercial production industries.

LED Volume

Boasting an immersive LED volume, the virtual environments and assets were brought to life through real-time rendering and live playback through Unreal Engine.

Live Camera Tracking

State-of-the-art motion capture technology allowed for on-set camera tracking and full interactivity between the real world video capture and the game-engine virtual camera.


Production Value

Using industry-leading film equipment,
the two “realities” were brought together by leveraging real world and virtual lighting, detailed set design, testing bold camera movements & techniques, and pushing the boundaries of virtual interactivity.

Production Efficiency

Virtual production offers a shift from often costly & time-consuming production and post-production to primarily pre-production and on-the-go amendments within the virtual space.


The Other End is dedicated to ongoing advancement of virtual production services, and pushing the creative boundaries through collaboration.

Welcome to The Other End.


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