Virtual Production Services

LED Volumes | Virtual Set Extensions | Real-time Rendering | Live Camera Tracking

Our dedicated subsidiary, Virtual Production House, provides facilities and solutions using real-time rendering processes, game engine technologies, live camera tracking, and an immersive LED volume that allows for virtual extensions of physical sets. Our dedicated virtual production team sits at the intersection of two worlds, bridging the gap between traditional production and in-camera VFX inside a mixed reality production environment.

Virtual Production Set Computers Monitors

Virtual Production Consultancy

Facilities Consultancy | Technology Blueprint | Team Training

With a full-service virtual production facility in Toronto, our expertise and in-depth understanding of the requirements and benefits of virtual production lends to our advisory and consultancy service for setups and facilities, as well as advising on the technologies and human resources required to elevate your offerings and facilitate innovation.

Production Services

Development | Production | Creative Services

Working with an international network of filmmakers and producers, we support, develop and execute creative ideas to their full potential, and create meaningful impact through visual storytelling.

Virtual Production Set Computers Monitors

International Co-productions

Creative Collaboration | Diversity & Inclusion | Production Incentives

With decades of experience in international co-productions, we are passionate about creative collaboration, independent film, and actively pursue diversity in film markets. Leveraging our international reach, and the wealth of production incentives supporting content creation in Canada, we guide and support industry creatives looking to produce in, or collaborate with Canada, in getting their stories from page to screen.

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