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Virtual Production House unveils new state-of-the-art studio

Prime location, expert team answer growing demand for virtual production space, services

TORONTO— August 15, 2022 — Virtual Production House, a division of The Other End, today officially opened its doors, giving Toronto’s film and advertising industries much-anticipated access to a state-of-the-art virtual production complex designed specifically to meet their needs. The 11,000-square-foot space, near Keele Street and Eglinton Avenue, bolsters the city’s position as a global leader in virtual production and content creation workflow innovation.

The complex includes:

  • Sun Stage (5,000 sq. ft.), which houses a 180° curved LED wall, height-adjustable LED ceiling, and the world’s fastest high-resolution real-time tracking system.
  • Moon Stage, a full-service conventional studio facility to complement the Sun Stage. Its 70-foot cyclorama, with a 20-foot clear height, is one of the largest in the city.
  • Dedicated production offices for clients, including kitchenette.

“We have been building towards this moment for more than a year,” said The Other End Founder and CEO Amir Endalah. (Virtual Production House is a The Other End property.) “My team and I are so happy, finally, to be able to invite creators in to learn about virtual production and give them access to a vast new creative toolset, right in the heart of the city.”

The Virtual Production House team includes expert designers, developers and technical operators, as well as specialists in visual effects, creative technologies and motion control. As part of its offering, Virtual Production House can provide bespoke service to creators and proprietary workflows.

“Ultimately, deploying any tool or technique needs to be driven by a tangible benefit to production,” said Kevin McGeagh, Head of Virtual Production. “Our team acts as an extension to our client’s, so that in addition to time, cost and quality, we’re solving for safety, privacy and access, too.”

Virtual Production House is expected to open its Vancouver facility later this year. Together, they meet a growing demand for virtual production, which, as an agile process that is highly creative, efficient and reliable, complements and easily integrates with traditional production practices. Worldwide, the virtual production market was valued at more than CAN$2 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach CAN$5.95 billion by 2028.

About Virtual Production
Virtual production combines live-action (traditional) production techniques with digitally created environments and state-of-the art hardware. It connects live foregrounds with computer-generated backgrounds, then captures the results directly in-camera rather than shooting against a green screen and adding visual effects in post-production. Virtual production gives creators and storytellers access to hard-to-reach locations, providing a cost-flexible, environmentally friendly solution to modern filmmaking. To learn more, view The Other End’s demo reel: DEMO REEL 2021

About Virtual Production House
Founded in 2021, Virtual Production House specializes in virtual production services for commercial and independent film industries. Its mission is to be a trusted partner and resource for filmmakers, producers, and content creators; to facilitate their creation of exceptional content that is imaginative, efficient and sustainable; and to push the boundaries of technical innovation continuously to find new ways of storytelling. For more information, visit